Alexandre de Paris hair clips online store

Alexandre de Paris & MC Davidian hair accessories.  

With all due respect to other brands – these two are positively out of competition.

King and Queen named in fashion hair accessories World for their beautiful elegance and high quality performance. MC Davidian and Alexandre de Paris keep surprise their admirers by never ending beauty, quality, chic and glamourous Art.

Why MC Davidian and Alexandre de Paris hair clips are so special?

  1. Because it made of high quality acetate and adorned with authentic Swarovski crystals and pearls.
    2. MC Davidian and Alexandre de Paris hair claw clips, barrettes, pins, hair combs, headbands adorned with Swarovski crystals (rhinestones sat into hot acetate form)
    3. Every hair clip is durable and has timeless unique design
    4.Beautiful different and true to nature colors, therefore these hair accessories are good to any piece of clothing in your wardrobe.
    5. Light weight, no sliding and hold hair well,  therefore easy to wear.
    6. Most importantly, that MC Davidian and Alexandre de Paris hair clips are quality and make hair look exclusively with truly French elegance.

Alexandre de Paris

There is no miracle but long time of French master work. His story began from 1960’s when he

worked as royal and celebrities hairdresser. Among Alexandre de Paris clients were Princess Diana

and Grace of Monaco, Elizabeth Tailor and Audrey Hepburn. First hair barrette Vendome was

produced  by Alexandre in 1971 under the impression of the famous Place of jewellery. The symbol

Sphinx sketched by Jean Cocteau present on all hair creations of Alexandre de Paris until now.

Alexandre de Paris hair barrette with good reason has name Jewelry for hair.

MC Davidian

MC Davidian hair clips, hårspænder, store hårklemmer are unique and so glam! She choose for her hair clips mixed color quality Swarovski rhinestones, therefore it makes her sparkle hair clips shine super rich. MC Davidian is well known with her chic flower hair clips clamps claws adorned with crystals Swarovski. MC Davidian hair claw clips are gorgeous, besides they look great even with sporty clothing!